Listing Marketing Plan for Denver Area Homes

Not all Realtors actively market and advertise their listings.  Advertising and marketing costs add up quickly when listings take several months to sell.  In a buyer’s market, many Realtors are more concerned with their “bottom line”.    If the listing fails to sell, the listing broker takes a financial loss. As a Seller you want a Realtor that is convinced that a sale is inevitable and expenses for advertising and marketing are not a risk, but a necessity.

In a seller’s market, Realtors tend to hold back on advertising and marketing. They think, why spend advertising and marketing money when the house will sell itself.  In any market, homes do NOT sell themselves for top dollar. As a Seller, you want a listing broker that will do everything to advertise and market your property effectively to get it sold for the highest price in the shortest amount of time. Any Realtor can “list” a property; a good listing broker actually “sells” the property.

In our market, simply placing a sign on the property and listing in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is not enough.  Selling real estate is a numbers game.  Exposing more buyers to your property will increase your chances of selling quicker and for top dollar. Maximizing exposure to Buyers through a variety of methods is necessary for a successful sale.

To assure that your property is marketed to its fullest potential

and to obtain the highest possible market value,

I will implement the following marketing plan

Free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

Determining your value and sales price is the most important step in properly marketing your home. The biggest mistake that can be made by a Seller is to overprice their home. Using a sophisticated Metrolist program, I can make adjustments for the differences between comparable homes. Your home’s value will be determined by exact comparison with other sold homes within the last six months. The report will also determine the average seller concession, the average net sales price and average days on market. With this information, your home price can be set based on the reality of the market and ensure that you will get the highest possible price for your home in a reasonable amount of time.

Listed In Denver Metro Area Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

I take pride in accurately entering all listing information into the MLS system.  When a property is incorrectly entered into the MLS system, the home may not show up in the buyer’s search. Improper or inadequate listing information can drastically reduce showings of a property.  Accurate and intriguing property descriptions will attract more buyers to view your home. Another great feature of the MLS is “ListHUB” which places your home on over 55 internet home search sites. (Entered in MLS Monday thru Friday)

Listed In Boulder/Longmont Multiple Listing Service (IRES)

For those properties in the Northwest Denver Metro area (north of I-70 and west of Federal Blvd.), your listing will also be placed in the Boulder/Longmont listing service (IRES). This will allow additional exposure for your home.  Not all Brokers in the Denver area have this ability.  (Entered in IRES Monday thru Friday)

“Eye Catching” For Sale Sign with Direct Number to Listing Broker

All agent “For Sale” signs are required to post the Broker’s office phone number on their sign.  When a potential buyer calls the number to the office, the buyer normally speaks with a receptionist or a “floor agent” who most likely is unfamiliar with your property.  They must rely on the information published in the MLS, which as discussed above, may be wrong or incomplete.  As the Owner, the office number on the sign is my direct number.  This ensures that all potential buyers speak directly with me, not an agent that has never seen your property.  In addition, the type of sign is important as well.  Many agents use a “push-in” style sign, which is approximately 3 feet high.  I provide a rigid 6-foot high wood “yard arm” style sign that can be easily seen above parked cars and landscaping.  The sign is professionally installed and is difficult to be removed or vandalized.  (Sign professionally installed within 24-48 hours of listing date)

Professional Photography

Your home should look its best when shown to the public. My professional photographer will visit your home by appointment to take a full complement of photos for the marketing of your home. The photographer will take full-color, wide-angle digital photos of your home with professional lighting.  Specialized equipment will be used to accomplish a seamless virtual tour which will enhance the image of your property to the public. All rooms show their absolute best when professionally staged. This is an additional cost but could well be worth it. Let me know if you are interested in a Professional Stager.   (Normally done 1-3 business days after the listing start date)

Full Color Brochures

Full color, high-gloss brochures are created by our professional photographer and placed in your home. These brochures will be available for potential buyers viewing your home. The brochures will be modified and replaced in your home whenever a price change occurs. Extra brochures will be mailed to you as needed.  (Brochures take approximately 7-9 business days from the time professional pictures are taken.)

Property Business Cards

In addition to the brochures, property business cards will be included in a brochure display tray. These business cards will have the property photo, address, website address and my contact information.

Individual Property URL

You will get an individual web address (URL) for your home and an individual sign rider directing potential buyers to the URL which links to the Virtual Tour discussed below. (Example: At any time, a potential buyer can search your address and immediately find your property on the internet. This saves wasted paper and having an empty exterior flyer box.

Virtual Tour

My professional photographer will create a professional virtual tour of your home.  The virtual tour is available on my business website at, on the Denver MLS and through the individual property URL link. This virtual tour site includes links to map the property, area and school information, and a mortgage calculator.  Unlike the majority of virtual tours used by other agents, yours will include background music.  Your tour is internet-based so all potential Buyers can look and listen to the virtual tour without having to download any plug-ins.  (The virtual tour takes approximately 5-7 business days from the time the professional pictures are taken.)

High Traffic Website

Unlike many Realtors, I have my own personal website.  It is:

This is not a company-wide website where your listing will get lost in the hundreds of other listings.  Your property is placed as a “Featured Property” with full color photographs, an expanded description, and a link to your individual property website and virtual tour.  In order to garner more traffic to my personal website, I have several domain names (listed below) that are pointed to my website.  As potential buyers search the internet for homes in the Denver area they are more likely to end up on my website, thereby seeing your home. 

High-Tech Home Search Tool to Attract Buyers

I have the newest home search technology on my website. The system is called “My Buying Buddy”. It can be found at my website home page by pressing the “Search All Local Listings” button. This allows the potential buyer to do interactive searches, save their searches, access Google street view, satellite views and maps. It has a “Walk Score” feature, and locates schools, shopping and recreation possibilities. This system has the ability for the user to search just like a pro, using all the MLS criteria.  The system is an “up-to-date” system, allowing users to search all available properties as they are entered in the system.  Other search tools are not always accurate and may be behind a few hours to days.  Buyers can search for homes from anywhere there is an internet connection at any time of the day.  The unique attributes of the system attracts buyers to do repeat searches, which enhances my ability to sell your home.

Internet Cross-Marketing

Integrated with my website and domain names, I cross-market to over 55 “alliance sites” to maximize exposure of your property. Over 90% of home buyers start their search on the internet; therefore, this is my main focus.  The key is to attract buyers that are out-of-state as they begin looking in the Denver area. Currently, the top two real estate web-sites are and  Therefore, I am a featured agent on both of those sites and your property will be featured as well.

AOL Real Estate



Chase My New Home








Guidance Realty

Harmon Homes


Homes By Lender



HouseHunt.comHUD Seeker









New Home Source

Property Pursuit

Property Shark


RealQuest Express







The Real Estate Book



Advertised in CraigsList

CraigsList is a must for today’s home seller. The problem with CraigsList is the timeliness of the advertisement and the ability to make the listing look good. After the ad appears for a few days, it becomes “stale” and moves to the bottom of the ads. I recognize this fact and your home is relisted in CraigsList twice per week to maintain maximum exposure.  Also, the ads I put on CraigsList look like a property brochure with full-color pictures, not just a list of features with a price.  Listings on CraigsList with pictures garner more views than those without.

Advertised on Social Media

With social media on the rise, I am active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Your home’s listing will be posted on Facebook and “twitters” about your property will happen at all price changes and refreshes. The “twitters” will have links to your property URL. My “friend” network is comprised of past clients as well as prospective buyers and other local realtors. By pointing attention to your property through these social mediums, I can get broader and more passive exposure to your home. I recently created a YouTube channel and will post a virtual tour of your property on YouTube with links to YouTube from my other social media networks. 

Licensed Assistant

They say it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to sell a house.  But, I say, why not use one if you can.  I have a dedicated, licensed assistant, J.J., who has been working with me for over 10 years.  She is committed to working behind the scenes to get your home maximum exposure to get it sold.  Furthermore, unlike many other successful Realtors that have a licensed assistant or team, you will not be “handed off” to my assistant once you list with me.  You will work with me directly through the entire process to get your home sold. 

Better Business Bureau Gold Rated

Since 2008, my business has been rated “Gold Star” with the BBB.  This rating is for companies with 3 or more A+ years.  My company has never had a complaint. Buyers are attracted to companies with superior ratings. They can trust me and that creates more buyers interested in your home.   

Professional Showing Service

To maximize showings, I use Centralized Showing Service (CSS) to set showings. CSS has expanded hours and operates 7 days a week so that no showing opportunity is missed. The service also allows for feedback from buyers and their agents. You can access the showing website at any time to validate showings or view feedback.  CSS also validates each Realtor that calls in to set a showing so you can rest assured knowing only a verified Realtor will receive the lockbox code and be able to gain entry to your home.

Weekly Progress Report

I provide weekly progress reports that detail exactly what marketing I have done and statistics on how many people have viewed your home through all the marketing methods provided.  This weekly progress report includes an analysis of your home’s activity in order to keep you informed about market conditions and trends.  I also make every effort to get feedback from showing agents by calling them two times and e-mailing them up to four times. This is an invaluable tool to enable you to adjust your price if necessary to stay competitive.

I am committed

to offering the highest standards

of professional service

to my clients.


Call me today to get your property sold

for the highest possible market value

in the shortest amount of time.


Cindy Belhumeur

Home Source Group